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Service, At Your Door...

Our current crew masterfully moves your personal belongings with a combined on truck experience of over 40 years.  That's over 40 years of custom furniture handling, households goods experience, in home customer care, unrivaled industry standards of on the job experience.  When we say experience, we don't mean with other jobs or sitting in offices, we mean on site, moving, and expertly making your move the best possible experience you can have.

Our family would be glad to help move your family.

Swing vs Roll up Doors

What's The Big Deal??

All of our moving trucks are properly equipped with swing doors to ensure a proper seal to keep your personal belongings weather proof and leak free.  With roll up doors, the minute that wet door rolls up over top of the load, all of that water rolls guess where--all over your furniture and personal belongings.  Trust the experts.  We take pride in taking care of you!


Proudly serving the beautiful Shenandoah Valley

and entire Commonwealth of Virginia

For 60 years.

Moving into the fourth generation of the Harris 

Family taking​

Care of your family on moving day.

Other Moving Companies may duplicate our words, but they can never duplicate our work ethic or family values.

Putting you first.

Making life a bit easier for you.

Let Our Family Move Your Family

Remembering Our Roots...

Bobby started his business when he graduated high school in 1958, prior to serving 2 years in the Army.  He restarted the business in 1963 when he returned from the Army, and later obtained His certificate of public conveyance from the State Corporation Commission in 1979.  It always has been and remains a family operated business.  Until the very recent addition of web pages, search engines and social media, primary advertising was relied upon solely by referral and "word of mouth."  

When asked to relay advise to other business owners, Bobby simply stated, "Be honest and work hard.  That paid off for me."

-source Daily News Record approx. 2005

This tradition of hard work, honesty and respect for our clients is proudly carried out today by his wife, sons, and grandchildren.

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